4 tattoos arbres en forme de coeurs

4 heart trees temporary tattoos 15cm

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Board of 4 tattoos of fantasy trees. They represent the 4 seasons full of colors and balloons for the summer, green with butterflies in the spring, autumn is adorned with red and bordeaux while winter is blue and crystallized. All are heart-shaped for poetry!

1 Temporary tattoos board 15 * 15 cm.

Tattoos board

Dimension of the temporary tattoos board : 15 cm x 15 cm. Cut out the pattern, remove the plastic wrap and glue it against the skin and moisten a few moments. Remove with a Tattoo Gone wipe.

The board or the ephemeral tattoos pouch is convenient for organizing an evening, anniversary or a thematic holiday. There is so for all tastes.

Children enjoy sharing and wearing the same symbols like a band !

And to leave on vacation, you have the choice and pick up in your pocket or cut your board!

Tattoos Trees

Do you like nature ? So you probably like trees!

The tree symbolizes nature and life. Without the trees, life on earth would not be possible. The trees are alive and mystical.

Here the 4 trees on this board will allow you to vary the pleasure according to your mood:

The green that makes us think of the spring and beautiful days that are offered with butterflies and perennial leaves

Multicolor that symbolizes childhood, joie de vivre, carelessness and summer with colorful balloons, flowers, hearts and stars

The autumn with its ocher colors, brown and orange. His warm shades comfort us

The blue, ice tree with flakes and Christmas balls that evokes the magic of winter.

You can all with the same at the same time as a symbolic of the periods of life, of the year and a consciousness of the passing time.