Blue winter tree temporary tattoo 6cm

Blue winter tree temporary tattoo 6cm

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Blue tree decal tattoo. It is a winter tree, fantastic with its stars and crystals that make up its foliage. A fairy tree that comes from the land of ice! A tattoo that can be worn at all ages and could be suitable for a Snow Queen birthday party!

1 tattoo blue tree 6 * 6 cm.

Ephemeral tattoo tree blue

Dimension of the temporary tattoo decal sheet: 6 cm x 6 cm.

We propose you its twin tree in green, the one of the spring!

Tree tattoo

There are several forms of representation of the tree on a tattoo.

The one encountered here consists of a bushy tree, with many leaves. These tufts are the sign of the acquisition of an achievement, of a long journey. For the tattooed woman, it is a sign of a certain maturity acquired through years and experiences. When a tree is bushy, it is certainly that it has a green foliage; it can be assimilated to a brilliant person. Furthermore, the tree is perceived as a sign of spirituality and strength in some cultures.

Obviously the tree evokes life.

We offer many models of tree tattoos: different colors (green, blue, multicolored, purple ...), various forms (heart, bushy, classic ...) in sheets or individually.

Winter tattoo

This blue tree inevitably makes think of the winter and it will be appropriate in many circumstances

At the time of the holidays to be in the color theme while remaining rather sober, it will be very pretty on a bare shoulder for example.

If you're having a Snow Queen themed birthday party, you'll be a hit with this icy tree in blue tones!