Tattoo Tattoo Tattoo 6 cm

Tattoo Tattoo Tattoo 6 cm

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Tattoo decal tree green tree. It is a spring tree, fantastic with its stars and rosettes that make up its foliage. Besides, butterflies do not resist him! The tree seems to dance on your skin.

1 Tattoo 6 * 6 cm representing a tree with refined arabesques.


Tattoo tree

Do you like nature ? So you probably like trees! THE'tree symbolizes nature and life. Without the trees, life on earth would not be possible. The trees are alive and mystical.

thetattoo treeis currently in the spotlight. Realistic, abstract, minimalist, imposing or discreet, the tree in Tattoo Art lends itself to all desires.

In general, men are aspiring to a return to nature, our origins. How do you know where we do not know where we come from?

Tattoo tree green

The tree is elegant and seems to dance under the wind. Around a trunk and brochages brown, green decorations seem to dance to bring spring or say goodbye in the fall.

The leaves are represented like rosettes, stars, flakes ... and 2 butterflies boosted around.

The pattern is refined, all in curves and moving.

Dimension of the temporary tattoos board decals: 6 cm x 6 cm.

Exclusive series on

Come choose from our other trees: blue, burgundy red, purple and even a tree composed of the letters of the alphabet! And complete with nature designs such as animals, flowers and landscapes. These are engaged tattoos and they mean something important for you.