Freestyle temporary tattoos large tattoo bag

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Large bag containing more than 50 temporary tattoos in the purest Urban Style ! Tags, Old School transistors, mixing tables and some skulls will make you a guy or a girl completely freestyle !

A large bag of 50 Tattoos Street.

Apply temporary tattoo

Tattoos must be kept firmly on the skin for at least 30 seconds during application.

Tatoos are cut out and applied with a wet sponge on clean and non-oily skin.

They withdraw with a gone tattoo wipe without rubbing and in seconds.

Temporary tattoos pouch

The most practical form to always have tattoos on hand. An unexpected evening, a birthday with children to occupy, a fair with different stands? We have everything you need!

Full of different tattoos of all sizes, all colors and for all tastes!

To share with your skateboard friends !

Freestyle tattoos

These tattoos are also called Street Style or Urban Style and reconcile the tattoo with fashion and trendy style.

As the name suggests it are free tattoos, street drawings as we could find them in graffiti on the walls of cities.

We find symbols of the fight with fists, head heads ...

Music also takes a lot of room with transistors, music notes ...

Of course the Urban Style also includes skates, motocross and all street gear.

The steet style is distinguished from that of the bikers by a side a little vintage but it gets very close to it.