Classic Skull and spiders large temporary tattoo bag

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Pouch with several tattoos "Classic Tattoos" totaling more than 50 tribal tattoos of animals, symbols, death heads ... All the large classic symbols of tattoo are there for the pleasure of young and old !

1 large savvi pouch of 50 temporary tattoos.

Savvi packs

Savvi is one of the most famous tattoos manufacturers for the high quality of their products. This pouch consists of several boards totaling more than 50 tattoos to cut. Ideal for often changing style, for an evening with friends, for a birthday or a kermesse. There are all sizes and sorts and everyone will find his symbol, his totem or his animal, the one who evokes what thing for him or her.

Natural temporary tattoos

Ingredients approved by FD § C

The tattoos of this pouch are really varied: spiders, snakes and tigers cook dead heads, flower daggers and fire guitars!

Apply temporary tattoo

Decalcomania tattoos apply on clean and non-oily skin using a wet sponge that is pressed on the tattoo for about 20 seconds after removing the protective plastic film. To remove it, use our Tattoo Gone wipe.

Skull tattoos

Skulls and death heads are part of the most used symbols in tattoo. Everyone wears them in his own way : like a rocker, the time of an evening or to challenge death!

This pouch brings together all the great classics of tattoos : colorful patterns, flowers and skulls.

Pouch Content : Several Snake Tattoos, Death Heads, Spiders, Tigers, Pirates, Scorpion, Nautical Star ... All in a Little Vintage Aspect : Applied Colors, Simple Patterns from tattoo beginnings.