Palace Pets temporary tattoo pack 9cm

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Pack of 10 Disney Palace Pets Whisker Haven decal tattoo sheets. These adorable animals each have their own story and personality, come and discover their meeting with the Princesses!

Pink, Sultan, Apple, Mure, Porcelain, Buttercup... they are all here in temporary tattoos.

Contents of this temporary tattoo pack:

- Rose : Belle met the little pony on a winter day by the frozen lake, she took her back to the castle, where she could rest in the warmth. Rose is elegant, adventurous and sometimes temperamental: she doesn't let anyone ride her... except Belle of course!

- Sultan : Jasmine found Sultan hiding under a pile of silk fabrics at the market, and he's been with the princess ever since. The tiger may be small, but he's very brave! When he's not watching his princess, he loves to play in the palace cushions or admire the glittering jewels of the royal treasure... and he never leaves the little magic carpet that Jasmine gave him.

- Apple : Mirror, my beautiful mirror, who is the sweetest ?... Apple of course! No animal is kinder and more gracious than this little rabbit. During a walk in the forest, Snow White found her hidden behind a bush and immediately realized how greedy she was!

- Mure : Tiana was seduced by the little cat as soon as she met her in the restaurant. Like her favorite princess, Mure loves music and doesn't hesitate to jump on stage to join Prince Naveen! She is the new star of the restaurant and some customers come only to see her.

- Porcelain : When Belle saw Porcelain in the village square as the little dog was entertaining passersby, she knew she was a real star! The princess was charmed and couldn't resist giving the little prodigy a treat, and they've been best friends ever since!

- Buttercup : A horse in the royal guard must be loyal and brave. Buttercup has all of these qualities, but she's also very sweet - that's why Rapunzel noticed her at the parade to celebrate her return. Her specialty? No one bows like her!

- Bibidi : Bibidi is the most helpful animal Cinderella has in the royal stable, and she loves to help, whether it's cleaning the park or decorating the gardens for a party. Her fairy godmother gave her this pony for her wedding, and since her arrival she has become Cinderella's most loyal companion.

- Bella : From the moment Aurora found Bella asleep under a flowerbed in the palace gardens, they have been together ever since. The graceful little cat loves to nap: day and night, she loves to come and purr on Aurora's lap, carried away in the sweetest of dreams.

- Ballerina : When Cinderella discovered Ballerina on the palace balcony, she was very surprised to find out that she was actually a gift from the prince for her first birthday at the castle! This elegant and distinguished puppy loves the court balls, where she dances with the elegance of a princess.

- Trésor : A very playful and curious kitten who, unlike other cats, loves water! Prince Eric found Trésor during a trip on the high seas, and kept the little cat on board where she met Ariel. Since that day, the two friends are inseparable!

Palace Pets temporary tattoo pack

Size of each sheet: 6,4 cm * 9 cm

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Apply and remove your decalco

The decal tattoos are applied on a clean and not oily skin with a wet sponge that you press on the tattoo for about 20 seconds after having removed the protective plastic film.