Dangers of the deep large tattoo bag

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Be seduced by this large temporary tattoo pouch of 25 tattoos "Dangers of the deep", the dangers of the deep. You will find all the animals of the underwater world like sharks, whales, jellyfish and other creatures.

1 large savvi pouch "Dangers of the deep" of 25 tattoos.

Underwater tattoos

This pouch contains all the designs of the underwater creatures that we fear!

Sharks show their teeth, whales are gigantic, octopuses attack boats, fishes and morays seem to come out of hell and jellyfish swarm with tentacles!

Tattoo pouch

This pouch will please everyone, young and old. To impress your friends or to scare yourself a little, choose the designs that make you happy. Share them, give them as gifts and have a good time sharing.