Glitter 4 girls temporary tattoo pack

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Pack of several "Glitter4girls Tattoos" decalcomania tattoo sheets totaling more than 50 glittery tattoos, a mix of butterflies, flowers, fruits and animals... Series of very cheerful and magical glitter tattoos for girls.

1 pouch of 50 sparkling tattoos Savvi.

Tattoo pouch

This pouch is composed of many boards totaling more than 50 tattoos to cut out.

You will find good vibes tattoos :

multicolored butterflies and dragonflies, foraging birds, cute animals like foxes, owls, dolphins, summer fruits like cherries and lots of peace and love and planet protection symbols. What to give good bases to our children!

Tattoos for kids

FD § C approved ingredients. The tattoos are hypoallergenic and suitable for even the smallest children.

The designs are simple and cheerful with bright colors and perfectly adapted to children especially in size.

Some tattoos are glittery for even more fun!

Putting on a temporary tattoo

Decal tattoos are applied to clean, non-oily skin with a damp sponge that is pressed onto the tattoo for about 20 seconds after removing the protective plastic film.

They are removed after 48 hours maximum to avoid the risks of allergy using a Tattoo Gone wipe.

Temporary tattoos for fairs

Open a temporary tattoo stand for your school's end of year party, success guaranteed!

A few different pockets and you have a real tattoo factory! Also perfect for village parties, events and birthdays.

The temporary tattoo is associated with fun for young and old alike and will bring a good mood to all.

This pouch is ideal to go on vacation or to share with your friends.