Vintage glitter skin sugar temporary tattoo pack

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Pack of 20 glittery multicolored skin sugar decals tattoos with all the symbols of the 80's: sneakers, audio cassettes, rollerblades and many other designs... If you want to be the most beautiful tonight, fall for these fashion tattoos and adorn yourself with a thousand glittery sparkles!

1 pouch of 20 glittering tattoos.

How to apply a temporary tattoo

Cut out the desired design, remove the plastic wrap and stick the design against your skin. Soak the paper generously and for about 1 minute then slide it on and the tattoo will appear on your skin.

Contents of the decalco tattoo pouch

This pouch contains 2 sheets of multicolored shiny tattoos.

On the first board you can cut out: a diamond, a heart, a popsicle, a cassette, a hashtag, a smiley face, a sneaker, a French fry cone, a cactus and a dinosaur.

The second one contains: a rainbow, an ice cream, messages, a slice of pizza, a lightning bolt, a roller, a heart, a watermelon and a palm tree.

Fake tattoos

Ephemeral tattoos are fun and festive and allow you to tattoo yourself for an evening, a day, a week of vacation and then remove it to return to work on Monday!

Put some shine and color on your skin and in your life!

Glitter Tattoos

Metallic tattoos, whether silver, gold or colored metallic, catch the light of the sun or spotlights. They appeal to girls and women. They are refined and do not go unnoticed. They are perfect for parties, events and vacations.

We have many models of shiny tattoos, available individually or in a pouch.