Pack of 4 pirates temporary tattoos 4cm

Pack of 4 pirates temporary tattoos 4cm

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Pack containing 4 tattoos decals on the theme of pirates. You will find skulls, flags and boats. Their size of 4 cm is suitable for children as well as adults.

4 temporary tattoos pirates 4*4 cm.

Temporary tattoos parties

These tattoos at a small price will be perfect for a fair, school party or a birthday. Their size of 4 cm is suitable for small arms and legs and boys will be delighted to wear a skull tattoo.

Temporary pirate tattoos

Putting on pirate decalcos is a bit like defying the rules! Courage, Freedom, Unity, Journey, Bravery, Deceit, Loyalty, these are what pirate symbols evoke to children.

Temporary skull and crossbones tattoos

Skulls and black flags that are not too nasty for the little ones is a good way to please them with a design of their age.

To apply a temporary tattoo

- the skin must be clean (no oil, make-up, etc)

- remove the transparent protective sheet from the tattoo

- place the tattoo on the area to be tattooed, motif towards the skin

- put a wet cloth or a sponge on the back of the tattoo and soak it with water

- wait 30 seconds without moving and then gently remove the wet cloth

- dab gently with a dry cloth to dry the area.

The products used for the manufacture of the tattoos decals are tested by conventional organizations. The tattoos are guaranteed non-toxic and hypoallergenic; they do not present any risk for the health. It is nevertheless not recommended to apply the tattoos too close to the eyes, on children under 3 years old and to leave any decalcomania in place too long.