Big yellow temporary tattoo pack Need4Speed

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Gift or treat yourself to this large pouch of "Need 4 Speed tattoos" temporary tattoos that contains 25 tattoos of cars, trucks and racing championship emblems.

1 large colorful Savvi pouch of 25 Need4Speed temporary tattoos.

Need for Speed tattoos

Need For Speed also called NFS is a series of video games of car races published by Electronic Arts since 1994 on several consoles.

A movie was made in 2014. Tobey Marshall and Dino Brewster share a passion for cars and racing, but not in the same way... Because he trusted Dino, Tobey found himself behind bars. When he finally gets out, all he wants is revenge. The race of races, the De Leon - a legendary underground car race - will give him the opportunity. But to race, Tobey has to get away from the cops who are on his tail, while avoiding the bounty hunter Dino has sent after him. No way to brake...

Car Tattoos

When your child gets tired of Cars, you can hook him up with Need4Speed! Racing car tattoos are always a big hit with kids and adults alike.

Organize a birthday party on this theme, you will be sure to have success!