Green celtic temporary tattoos large bag

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Bag containing many tattoo boards "Celtic Tattoos", more than 50 Celtic and tribal tattoos. Cross, butterflies, symbols and Lower Back make up this pouch in the Irish green tones.

1 large pouch of Celtic tattoos.

Tattoos bag

This pouch consists of several boards totaling more than 50 tattoos to cut. It's an ideal pack for an evening or birthday party or a kermesse because you have a wide choice with various colors and sizes and Chcaun will find happiness.

You can choose pockets in our shop in which you will find a wide choice. All themes are there and you will necessarily find one to make you happy.

Natural tattoos

Ingredients approved by the FD & C

The inks are natural and safe for the skin.

How to install your temporary tattoo

Decalcomania tattoos apply on clean and non-oily skin using a wet sponge that is pressed on the tattoo for about 20 seconds after removing the protective plastic film.

To remove it in seconds and without rubbing, we advise you a Tattoo Gone wipe.

Made in the United States.

Celtic tattoos

Tattoos have an important place in the Celtic culture : they distinguish the different members of the same tribe according to their rank and their role. In the case of warriors, tattoos allowed to intimidate the opponent.Celtic tattoos are often complex patterns, characterized by the recurrence of spirals, knots and branches.

In this pocket, you will find tattoos in green tones, many symbols but also loopholes, cherries, and Lower Back to wear in the lower back or in the neckline. There are also Celtic crosses and old medallions.