I wanna be a unicorn big temporary tattoo pack

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This pouch "I wanna be a unicorn" by Savvi contains 25 temporary tattoos on the theme of unicorns of course but also other extraordinary creatures all more colorful than the others.

1 large pouch of 25 unicorn tattoos.

Unicorn tattoos

The unicorn is the most popular animal at the moment among children as well as adults. It must be said that this imaginary horse has everything to please: an elegant silhouette, rainbow colors and its reputation as a magical and benevolent creature.

Extraordinary Creatures Tattoos

You will find 25 different designs in this pouch:

white unicorns with multicolored manes and tails

pink and blue unicorns

creatures with a unicorn horn (golden and magical as it should be) :

- mermaid, cupcake, lollipop, whale, crab, dolphins...

This pouch will be perfect to organize a themed birthday party or will be a big hit at the fair.

Everyone wants to be a unicorn !