Pack of letterings and symbols London fake tattoos

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Pack of 2 boards of tattoos, 13 patterns on the theme England. Flags, hearts, "I Love London", Soho and even a bobby holding! For the must-see fans of the English capital or an evening or theme party. To share or not!

1 pouch of 2 England tattoo boards.

Tattoos pouch

A pouch with lots of tattoos is ideal for a party or birthday. We share, we organize a tattoos stand, we choose ... In short it is a moment of sharing and conviviality.

We can also take his pouch with you on vacation or offer it.

Tattoo Sticker offers you many different for all your craziest evenings!

England tattoos

You always have a fan of England around you ! And the Tattoos do not escape the rule.

Here you will find flags of course but also a bobby, hearts, small sentences with the most famous streets of London like Carnaby Street and Oxford Street and the favorite neighborhoods of the French Soho and Camden.

London tattoos

London is the political and economic capital of the United Kingdom. It is one of the most visited cities in the world for its cosmopolitan and particular atmosphere.

London has this little something that fascinates all its visitors. This colorful city of entertainment, culture and lights, isable to surprise as much people who visit it for the first time that the lovers of the metropoliswho keep going there.