Butterfly disguise big temporary tattoo bag

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Savvi pouch with 2 Magic Fun Face temporary tattoos sheets.

2 boards to make 2 butterfly masks very colorful !

Series of tattoos really nice for birthdays or parties and disguises.

1 large pouch for 2 butterfly disguises.

Tattoos for disguise

No more runny makeup, put on tattoos! They'll last the whole party, won't get in the way of drinking, eating and having fun, and can be easily removed with the Tattoo Gone wipe!

Whether it's for Halloween, a birthday or a party, young and old alike will appreciate the colorful and glittering designs of these rainbows, hearts and clouds.

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Mask tattoo pouch

This pouch contains 2 sheets of 7 glittering multicolored tattoos each with instructions on how to apply them.

You can share them, or tattoo 2 children or start over!