Small temporary tattoo pack hell tattooz

Small temporary tattoo pack hell tattooz

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Small pouch with 8 tattoos decals for teens: dragons, tribal symbols, devils, heart pierced with a rose and flames. Hell of a game!

Ideal tattoo size for young people and really trendy designs for a very small price!

2 boards 10 * 15 cm.

Flame tattoos

Flame tattoos evoke danger, the excitement of risk and passion. The addition of flames to a design reinforces its meaning or evokes speed and movement.

Here you will find a burning heart, the very idea of consuming passion, accompanied by a red rose as well.

Next to it is a flame in which we find all the symbols of gambling and casinos: card, dice ... to evoke the devastating passion of gambling.

Devil tattoo

2 small devils are next to a dragon. They have all the attributes of Beelzebub and correspond to the cliché vision of the devil: big teeth, pointed ears, small goat on the chin and horns.