Care bears temporary tattoo pack

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Pack of 10 tattoo decals "Care Bears". Find these tender multicolored teddy bears in their wildest adventures! Cuddles, tenderness, beautiful colors and drawings: tattoos really too cute for the little ones.

1 pouch of 10 sheets 10,4 * 7 cm with several tattoos.

Board of temporary tattoos

Size of each board: 7 cm * 10,4 cm

To pose a temporary tattoo with a very small child

The tattoos decals are applied on a clean and not oily skin with a wet sponge that you press on the tattoo for about 20 seconds after having removed the protective plastic film.

Temporary tattoos kermesse

You'll be sure to please kindergarteners with this colorful and cute pack!

Care Bear Decalco

The optimistic Care Bear always takes things in stride ! Her good humor often helps to encourage others or solve problems. She always has a smile on her face and spreads happiness around her thanks to her sign.

Tougentille has a gift for sharing ! This protective and generous bear is friends with everyone. Carefree and affectionate, she loves to give gifts... or cakes! Sharing is so important to her that she has two heart-shaped lollipops on her badge!

For Funshine, having fun is a priority ! His favorite thing to do is to be with his friends or to have adventures, during which he makes even more friends! Fearless and optimistic, he makes the most of his days. His sign, a bright and smiling yellow sun, reflects this state of mind!

Underneath his gruff exterior, grumpy is a Care Bear with a big heart ! He is good at understanding children and reminding them that their loved ones love them even when they are grumpy. That's why his sign is a cloud and raindrops in the shape of hearts.

Love a lot is the oldest and wisest of the Care Bears, and he always has good intentions. He knows how to understand and advise children to help them share their emotions. His sign, a big red heart, is perfectly suited to his mission!

Harmony is a talented artist who brings all the Care Bears together and encourages them to do their best, especially through music. She believes that differences are essential to create harmony in the world. That's why the flower on her badge has different colored petals.

Funny, tender and joyful, Toucurieux is Toubisou's niece. She always wants to take part in the adventures of the "big kids", is interested in everything and asks questions about everything ! Her sign represents a little heart, but she is still too small to know what its powers are.

Toubrave the lion is the leader of the Cousinours. Protective and unafraid of danger, he has a great sense of humor and a heart of gold, not to mention the cutest smile !

What would the Cousinours be without Shining Heart ? He is the one who brings them together! He loves science and it's really his thing. His intelligence is so great that he doesn't hesitate to rephrase things so that everyone can understand.

Lottie Jolie Coeur is certainly, among the Cousinours, the one who shows the most compassion and benevolence. Kind and adorable, she is always listening to other people's problems, as if she had the power to feel their own emotions.

Want to know who is the cutest, sweetest and most adorable Cousinours? It's Fondant Heart, of course! A no-brainer for those who already know her. Although she is the youngest of the team, she has an incredible ability to make people feel wonderful around her !