Classic assorted blue Tattoos large tattoo bag

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Pouch containing 25 temporary tattoos decals among the most classic themes: butterflies, lower back, dragons, flowers .... Vary the designs with all our pouches !

Very practical to take on vacation or share at a party.

Various temporary tattoos

In this pouch you will find everything you need to organize a party, open a tattoo stand, brighten up a birthday party or a school fair.

Putting on your tattoo

Tattoos must be held firmly on the skin for at least 30 seconds during application.

Tattoo decals are cut and applied with a damp sponge on clean and non-oily skin.

Contents of the tattoo pouch

Small designs for everyone: animals like butterflies, imaginary creatures like dragons, cherries, roses and other flowers, cars, skulls and beautiful tribal or fairy symbols. These designs are very easy to wear and enhance femininity, lightness and fluidity.

Lower back, these tattoos to be put on the lower back or under the chest for a very sexy effect with tribal motifs or dragon ribbons.

Cars, motorcycles and other choppers for the die-hard bikers ! They evoke power, mastery and power and are very successful with men.

Temporary tattoo

All occasions are good to wear a tattoo: the time of an evening, vacations, to test a type of pattern, to have a good time with friends...

These small patterns are easy to wear on your shoulder, in the hollow of your wrist, on your ankle... It's up to you to find the place to put it and the type of drawing you like.