6 tatouages temporaires La Reine des Neiges

Pack of 6 Disney fairies ephemeral tattoos 4cm

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Pack containing 6 tattoos decal of the Disney fairies. 3 tattoos of Tinkerbell in the middle of the flowers in her pretty green dress and 3 tattoos of Noa, Iridessa and Roselia, her friends.

6 temporary tattoos 3.8 * 3.8 cm.

History of the Disney fairies

The stories about the birth of fairies are widespread throughout history and in literary works. Born in the heart of flowers, born of a midwife or simply created during a joyful event.

Disney chose to give birth to them in the way indicated by J. M. Barrie, author of Peter Pan and explaining their origins in the first laugh of babies. These laughs that become fairies are very rare, because they have to cross the ocean for a day to reach Neverland and then upon arrival explode to become a fairy.

Disney has categorized the appearance of fairies by their talent. Each Disney fairy has a specific talent that they can use. Some of the talents include: water, light, nurse, tinker, music, garden, tree, scout, flitter, animal, frost, snow, ice, fairy dust guardian and storm. Thanks to the movie Tinker Bell and the Pirate Fairy, a new talent has been created: fairy dust alchemy.

Like the Disney Princess line, Disney Fairies includes several characters, each with a distinct personality so that young girls will be able to relate to fairies with personalities similar to their own.

Disney fairies live in the House Tree, a large maple tree located in the heart of Pixie Hollow in Neverland.

Disney Fairies temporary tattoos

6 temporary tattoos.

Size of each tattoo: 3.8 cm x 3.8 cm

3 Tinkerbell tattoos: she is characterized by her sassiness and bravery. She is a problem solver and is considered the best fairy tinkerer in Pixie Hollow. She can be very impatient and irritable but is extremely loyal. She carries a lyre in her pocket to play a tune at any time.

1 fairy tattoo Noah: She is an animal fairy, friend of Tinkerbell.

1 fairy tattoo Roselia : She is a garden fairy, a little self-centered and disgusted with mud, friend of Tinkerbell.

1 fairy tattoo Iridessa : She is a fairy of lights, friend of Tinkerbell.

How to apply your temporary tattoo

Decal tattoos are applied on a clean and not oily skin with a wet sponge that you press on the tattoo for about 20 seconds after removing the protective plastic film.

For easy removal, choose the Tattoo Gone wipe.

Temporary tattoos kermesse and birthday

These small tattoos are perfectly suited for children and will make them happy at the school fair or during a themed birthday party.