Moana stickers and games complete big bag

Moana stickers and games complete big bag

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This complete Vaiana kit will make a great gift for a little girl. It contains:

- 4 sticker sheets of Vaiana, the Polynesian princess, Maui, the demigod, Pua, the little pig, Hei Hei the chicken and all the heroes of the legend from the end of the world

- 1 sheet of 3D aquatic stickers (filled with water)

- 1 polynesian totem.

Size of the bag: 21 * 30 cm.

Complete Vaiana kit

This Vaiana pouch contains everything you need to have hours of fun and to decorate your notebooks, your console or any personal object. 4 sticker sheets retracing the legend of the end of the world, exotic, Maori, colorful stickers of all the characters of the Disney movie : Maui, Hei Hei, Pua... 1 sheet of fantastic 3D stickers filled with water to impress your friends! 1 Polynesian totem to build.

To complete this pack, offer the Vaiana tattoo pack.

The legend of the end of the world

Long ago, the demigod Maui stole the heart of the goddess of nature. Since that day, the ocean and the forest have withered away. But Vaiana, drawn to the ocean from a young age and destined to rule the people of her island, goes beyond the lagoon and seeks out Maui to restore the heart of the goddess Te Fiti to its proper place.

Vaiana 3D stickers

The 3D stickers are filled with water for an effect in relief and still feel a little at the seaside.

Vaiana Totem

The kit also includes a colorful Polynesian Kakamora totem to assemble.