Smurfs temporary tattoo pack 10cm

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Rediscover the film telling the story of an imaginary people of small blue creatures living in a mushroom village in the middle of a vast forest with these tattoos.

Pack including 10 tattoos decals of the smurfs 10 * 6,8 cm: the big smurf, the smurfette, the smurf with glasses, the grumpy smurf...

Temporary tattoos smurfs

Size of each tattoo : 6,8 cm x 10,1 cm

Find the history of an imaginary people of small blue creatures living in a mushroom village in the middle of a vast forest.

Who doesn't know the Smurfs ? These friendly blue elves with big white caps all look alike, even if they each have their own character, and speak a curious language in which most words are replaced by "smurf" or "smurf".

They have been put back on the scene with several movies and we propose you here to find the characters of the movie in tattoos!

Tattoos for children

The products used for the manufacture of the tattoos decalcomania are tested by organizations conventionnés. The tattoos are guaranteed non-toxic and hypoallergenic.

Apply your tattoo

The decals are applied on a clean, dry, not oily skin.

They are removed with a body oil or alcohol.

Temporary tattoos smurfs party

A perfect package for a tattoo stand at a school party or birthday party.

It includes

the smurf with glasses : impossible not to recognize him, because he wears glasses with a big black frame. He is a moralizing and literary character. When the behavior of the other Smurfs is negative, he sermonizes them even if he is himself at fault. He is inspired by the moral treaties and dictionaries of proverbs present in his library. He supports Papa Smurf and very often begins his sermons by " AS SAID THE GREAT SMURF... ".

the Scottish Smurf : this Smurf was added in the movie The Smurfs. He wears a kilt and a Scottish accent. But for the rest, we don't know why. A fantasy of a scriptwriter?

Azraël, Gargamel's cat

the smurfette : it is the first female Smurf created by Gargamel to make devastations in the village of the Smurfs which before his arrival, are all of the male sex.

Papa Smurf, the Dean of the village, he is different from the other Smurfs because he has a white beard and his clothes are of red color. He is 542 years old, whereas the other Smurfs, younger, are only a hundred years old. He represents the moral authority, he is the chief of the village and also the guarantor of the stability of the village, he regularly solves the problems of the Smurfs.

the grumpy smurf : contrary to the other smurfs who have a joyful temperament, he spends his time grumbling. His sentences begin very often by "ME, I DO NOT LIKE...".