Small temporary tattoo pack Disney Classic 10cm

Small temporary tattoo pack Disney Classic 10cm

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What a caricature on these tattoos! Find the Disney characters in a little vintage and old school mode, with past colors and in crazy situations.

Small bag of 3 Disney Classic tattoos.

Disney tattoos

One of the biggest villains of the Walt Disney universe transformed into Cupid the angel of love, who shoots arrows promising eternal love to the one who receives them...

A grumpy dwarf disguised as a pirate with an eye patch and bones!

And finally a big bad wolf who doesn't look so bad after all and who hopes to win the dice game!

Apply and remove your Tattoo

Apply with a wet sponge for 30 seconds on clean, dry, non-oily skin.

Remove with body oil.

Size of each tattoo board: 7,9 x 10,5 cm.