Shark disguise big temporary tattoo bag

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Come and discover all our tattoos "disguises" that is to say tattoos that are positioned on the face as a makeup! Our pouches contain each time 2 boards of tattoos to disguise 2 children (or adults for that matter!).

1 savvi pouch of 14 tattoos for a shark makeup.

Halloween tattoos

Everyone loves to dress up for Halloween or for theme parties. These tattoos allow you to complete your costume. Instead of makeup, you can put the 7 tattoos that make up the shark (and the cover explains exactly where to put them for a more realistic effect): it doesn't run, it's a success and it allows you to drink, eat, kiss and dance, without any risk of damage!

Shark tattoos

A cover for all those who love the marine world and its inhabitants, monstrous or friendly.

Here the shark has a wide open mouth but small fishes are wandering around inside which makes it a little less scary!

We have in stock many models of sharks and other marine mammals tattoos.