Yellow Tattoo Mania temporary tattoo pack

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A large pouch with 25 different temporary tattoos to share with friends and family, to take on vacation or to organize a party, a celebration, a birthday... and to please everyone.

Tattoo Mania

The Tattoo Mania bags offer you tattoos with colorful and varied designs representing the current major trends in tattooing. We have pockets for children, large and small pockets for all.

Contents of the ephemeral tattoo pouch

The pouch contains 2 tattoo sheets.

On the first sheet you will find: an owl, a two-headed monster, a tribal symbol, an alien, a snake around a rose, a plane, a dragon, a helicopter, a skull, a lion.

On the second board: a tribal dragon, a scorpion, a skull with a rose, a monster, a tiger, a ghost, an alien head, a crown, an eye, a Roman helmet, bones, a bulldog, a shark submarine, a snake.

Tattoo pouch

The pouch is a good solution when you organize an event with tattoos because people will have the choice in the designs, colors and size. It is also a good solution to offer, or to bring some tattoos on vacation.