Orange assorted temporary tattoos large bag

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Pouch containing 25 temporary tattoos decals among the most classic themes: butterflies, lower back, cherries, flowers .... Vary the designs with all our pouches! Ideal for a party, a celebration, a birthday or to take on vacation.

1 large temporary tattoo pouch.

Putting on and taking off a tattoo

Tattoos must be held firmly on the skin for at least 30 seconds during application.

Decal tattoos are cut and applied with a damp sponge on clean, non-oily skin.

Ephemeral tattoos are removed with a Tattoo Gone wipe without rubbing and very quickly.

Tattoo pouch

The pouch is ideal to share or to always have some decalcos at hand.

Contents of the pouch

You will find very classic tattoos in this pouch:

the cat: a great source of inspiration for tattoo artists. This small, intelligent, elegant, independent and mysterious predator animal arouses different feelings in people such as love and hate, devotion or fear.

butterflies: the symbol of freedom, lightness but also of the ephemeral side of life and feelings.

the dice : life is a game and risk is an integral part of our existence.

the car : a tattoo often masculine which symbolizes power, speed and control.

cherries : one of the old school favorite designs of everyone. It's a beautiful design that makes you think of summer, sugar and sun-drenched fruits.

tiger: an impressive yet often calm and soothing animal in its dignified and majestic posture.

the shark : shark tattoos are a way to evoke the gods and ask for their protection during a long and dangerous journey. Shark tattoos are "badges of honor" used to show that sailors do not fear death.

lower back: tattoos that are placed in the lower back or in the neckline or under the chest for a very sexy effect !