Skelanimals temporary tattoo pack 10cm

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The motto of the Skelanimals is "Dead animals need love too": dead animals need love...

Pack of 10 tattoos decals of Skelanimals 10 * 7.7 cm :

1 x Pen the penguin

1 x Chungkee the panda

1 x Diego the bat

1 x Dax the dog

1 x Jack the rabbit

1 x Maxx the bulldog

2 x Kit the cat

1 x Marcy the marmoset

1 x Quackee the duck

Skelanimals temporary tattoos

PEN: Pen is a little penguin who loves to entertain the crowd by waddling and sliding on his buttocks, especially his fellow skelanimals. It is in these circumstances that he became a skelanimal. While he was carefree sliding and splashing in the water, he didn't see that a nasty killer whale was watching him and waiting for the moment to catch him. He likes to be able to cool down and warm up as he likes: when he wants to be cold he doesn't hesitate to go in the fridge, and when he wants to be warm, he comes to stick to his master's feet under the blanket. On this tattoo decalcomania, you can cut out four patterns: Pen the skelanimal penguin, a red star, a small black and purple striped butterfly, a skull surrounded by small stars.

CHUNGKEE : Chungkee is a little panda who became skelanimal after he was hit by the zookeeper in which he lived. Chungkee had indeed wanted to catch a little girl who was carrying a panda-shaped bag on her back, which did not please him! The favorite occupation of this skelanimal is to chew bamboo. It is an animal full of wisdom that the other skelanimals listen to speak. Find Chungkee on this decalcomania tattoo that you can cut out to get the character, a heart with a skelanimal skull, a skull and a red star.

DIEGO: Diego is a naughty little bat who loves to annoy other animals, especially birds who try to sleep at night! Hiding during the day in a dark corner of the house, she goes wild at night, twirling around, sometimes chasing fireflies with Dax the dog and thanks to her excellent vision, watching out for small insects like bedbugs for example, to bite her master.... His mania to push shrill and piercing cries at night was detrimental to him since it is following his disturbing behavior that Diego became Skelanimal. This is what happens when you annoy a very tired lark! Find this Skelanimal bat on a decalcomania tattoo sheet to be cut out to obtain four different and complementary designs: a heart, stars, a lightning bolt and the Skelanimal character.

DAX : Dax is a small Skelanimal dog always cheerful and playful. He is a faithful companion who demands a lot of attention but gives a lot of love in return. He is a crazy Skelanimals who loved to play frisbee. It is while trying to catch him one day at the park that he ran towards a beagle and got caught in the claws of an eagle. Find this little skelanimal on our decalcomania tattoo that you can cut out to get four tattoos: the skelanimal character, the skelanimal's motto in the form of a "lettering tattoo": "Dead animals need love too", a heart and stars.

JACK : Jack is a very agile little rabbit, a champion of hopping and running : we have never seen such a fast little rabbit running as fast as a missile ! It is even because of this speed that he became a Skelanimal, after having hit a tree during a race. He loves to challenge the turtles to a race and he also loves to show that he is the strongest! Find Jack the rabbit on this decalcomania tattoo sheet to cut out, to get four different tattoos: the skelanimal character, a skull and other designs based on heart and stars.

MAXX: Never tell Maxx that you know he's not mean and when he pretends to bite, it's basically more to intimidate than for ferocity! Impressive in appearance, but gentle on the inside, Maxx is first and foremost a bulldog who is very proud of his powerful jaw and it was while trying to show the crowd how strong he was that he once fell from a tree he was hanging from by his teeth. It is certain that he will always remember this day! You can find his big dog Skelanimal face on this decalcomania tattoo, as well as other star and heart designs to cut out.

KIT : Kit is a rather calm and shy little cat, even if she is sometimes impertinent like any self-respecting cat. Her biggest phobia is water. She likes to take refuge in a high place on a shelf or near a computer for example, because she knows that there is no water there! Kit has a big problem: her head is bigger than the rest of her body. She is therefore likely to fall easily into the water. This is what happened to her one day when she was looking at her reflection too closely in a puddle, tired of being teased. She slipped, fell and became Kit, the little Skelanimal cat. Find her on this decalcomania tattoo board with three other tattoo designs: paws, a star and a "Skelanimals" lettering design.

MARCY: What makes Marcy the little monkey the happiest? Hanging upside down from the branches of the trees, which is child's play for her thanks to the help of her tail. What makes her even happier? Being close to the one who will adopt her! Find on this decalcomania tattoo Marcy, the monkey who became Skelanimal after having bet that her strong and silky tail, of which she was very proud, could support that several monkeys pull it during hours... Tattoo decalcomania to be cut out to obtain four assorted designs: the Skelanimal character, a skull, hearts, stars and lightning.

QUACKEE: Here is a carefree, airheaded little duck that you can't ignore because he loves to scream so much! Already put up with a lot of trouble by his friends who had no choice but to put up with the duck who was quite nice to them, Quackee should have been more careful, and more discreet, because the shrill sound of his voice ended up irritating the farmer who couldn't sleep, and who finally prepared a delicious duck with cereals for dinner... Tattoo decal sheet to cut out to obtain 4 designs: the Skelanimal character, a more original design of the Skelanimal in a heart, a butterfly and a star.

Pack of 10 temporary tattoo sheets
Size of each tattoo: 7.7 cm x 10.1 cm

Natural tattoos

The products used for the manufacture of the tattoos decal are tested by conventional organizations. The tattoos are guaranteed non-toxic and hypoallergenic.

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The decals are applied on a clean, dry, not oily skin.

They are removed with a body oil or a Tattoo Gone wipe.