Glitter cherry temporary tattoo pack

Glitter cherry temporary tattoo pack

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This Savvi pouch contains 8 glittering and greedy temporary tattoos : cherry, butterfly, ice cream, bird... ! The girly colors and the glitter effect will please all the girls, young and old.

1 pouch 35 * 12 cm.

Glitter tattoos

This long pouch contains 8 glittering tattoos : two large lightning bolts, several stars and constellations, a message of love, diamonds and lips.

All these tattoos are shiny and in purple and pink colors. They will not go unnoticed on your skin whether it is summer or during your parties.

Gourmet tattoos

Girls of all ages love temporary tattoos and even more so when they sparkle !

You will find on this big board a huge gourmet ice cream, juicy cherries, a flower, a bow, a heart, a butterfly, a bird and a dolphin.

The colors are bright and cheerful, you will love it !

Putting on and taking off a tattoo

It's very simple: cut out the design you like, remove the plastic wrap, place the design against your skin and soak the paper generously for 30 seconds. Slide the paper off and the design is there!

To remove it, it's also very simple : take a Tattoo Gone wipe and gently wipe it over the tattoo in a back and forth motion. In a few seconds it's gone!