The Hobbit Movie temporary tattoo pack

The Hobbit Movie temporary tattoo pack

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Pack of 2 boards of 9 Tattoos The Hobbit. See the fairy and evil universe of the famous saga in this pouch "The desolation of smaug". All the characters are there : Bilbo the hobbit of course but also Thor, spiders, elves ...

1 pouch of 2 temporary tattoos 12.5 * 8.5 cm.

Tattoos pouch

A pouch with lots of tattoos is ideal for a party or birthday. We share, we organize a tattoos stand, we choose ... In short it is a moment of sharing and conviviality.

We can also take his pouch with you on vacation or offer it.

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Tattoos The Hobbit

The fans of the saga "The Hobbit" and "The Lord of the Rings" will love this pouch with the characters, texts, the ring ...

This story takes place 60 years before Lord of the rings. Bilbo the hobbit, Uncle of Frodo, is a hobbit like the others: it avoids the danger, action, adventure as well as other races as hobbits. He appreciates the simple pleasure of feeling warm in his home, but one evening, thirteen dwarves (Thorin and his companions) make their entry at home, accompanied by the magician Gandalf the gray. The latter offers him to follow them for a long and dangerous trip to the solitary mountain where there is a treasure guarded by the formidable Smaug who took Erebor. Although Bilbo is losing interest in the first time of this trip, the dwarves and Gandalf end up convincing him to accompany them.

During their perilous travel, they meet many difficulties, and participate in the battle of the five armies. By accident, Bilbon crosses the road of the creature named Gollum and seizes his treasure, a magic ring that allows to become invisible what will allow him at times to better help his friends and to succeed his mission.

Tattoos Lord of the Rings

Ideal for an evening on the theme of hobbits, to offer a fan of the saga or to show his enthusiasm for the series, this pouch will always enjoy.