Glow in the dark skull temporary tattoo mania pack

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Pack of 25 glow-in-the-dark decal tattoos: skulls, pirates, snakes, lions and tribal symbols... If you want to impress your friends or your family during a party, choose these tattoos that glow in the dark! It's a safe bet that you'll make a splash.

1 large pouch of 25 Tattoo Mania "glow in the dark" tattoos.

Tattoo pouch

Pocket of 25 glow in the dark tattoos.

The pouches are practical for the organization of a party: each one can find the reason which pleases him. They brighten up birthday parties and allow you to have a tattoo stand.

You can also take them on vacation and share them with your friends and family.

This pouch contains "glow in the dark" tattoos: dragon, skull and crossbones, pirate flag, tribal symbols, animals like frog, lion or crocodile, snake.

Apply your tattoo

Tattoo to be applied with a little water and removed with baby oil. The tattoos hold minimum 24 hours on the skin without deterioration. They can hold much longer if the PH of the skin is rather neutral. They are realistic and matte. The inks used are from vegetable components. FD&C approved ingredients.

Glow-in-the-dark tattoos

Tattoos that glow in the dark? It's fun, original and surprising. The patterns are visible on the skin during the day and become phosphorescent at night. For your wildest parties!

We offer them in a pouch, especially for Halloween, but not only and also individually: bats, cats, alien heads, haunted houses, ghosts...