Red Tattoo Mania temporary tattoo pack

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This large pouch contains 25 colorful and varied temporary tattoos. You'll appreciate the different designs, so you can wear different ones every day, or share them or organize a party.

Tattoo Mania

All Tattoo Mania pouches feature the classic tattoo symbols: the rose, the skull, the anchor or the dragon.

They are patterns that appeal to most people, the colors are bright and the details are neat.

We offer you all kinds of Tattoo Mania pouches but also Tattoo Mania kits for children.

Temporary tattoos

In this pouch, you will find 25 tattoos: octopuses, aliens, strange creatures, skulls, an anchor, a racing car, a rabbit, a spider, a tribal dragon, theatrical masks, a star, a cross, a fox and symbols.

It is also a pouch to give to a teenager as well as an adult.