Glitter cupcake temporary tattoo pack

Glitter cupcake temporary tattoo pack

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This Savvi pouch contains 8 glittery and greedy temporary tattoos: cupcake, owl, hearts and peace and love symbols! The girly colors and the glittery effect will please all the girls, young and old.

1 pouch 35 * 12 cm.

Contents of the pouch

On this large board, you will find :

a multicolored owl

a big greedy cupcake with a cherry (on the cake!)

hearts and kisses

red cherries

a whale

a bird

a Peace and Love symbol

Shiny tattoos

All the tattoos on the board are a bit raised, colorful and shiny. They catch the light of the sun or the spotlights at night.

The paper must be soaked generously for at least 30 seconds for the transfer to be easy.

Tattoos last several days, even more than a week for many people. Their duration depends on the place chosen and the skin of the person.

To remove them, use one of our Tattoo Gone wipes: pass it gently over the tattoo several times and the design will come off very easily.