Bikers temporary tattoos

Rock temporary tattoos for bikers : Harley Davidson, Wild fire choppers or other skulls and symbols.

In this section you will find temporary tattoos that bikers usually wear :

of royal animals : eagles, wolves and dragons mainly,

skulls : flowery, Indian, tattooed...,

motorcycles : Harley Davidson and Wild Fire Choppers,

wings of all sizes,

religious symbols,

guitars, daggers and fiery hearts.

Bikers are rebels and are often tattooed provocative and eye-catching patterns. This is why we find pierced skulls, chained roses... almost violent drawings sometimes, to impress and indicate his clan of belonging.

But bikers are also freedom and travel, the great roads of the American West like Route 66 and the emblematic eagle of the United States.

The biker tattoo does not need an explanation ! It is worn as one wears his experience, his wounds... It is the witness of a life, an event, a personality, the sign of an identity or a marginality. It is sometimes hidden and sometimes shown, often by challenge to the rest of the world.

In general, biker tattoos are noticed, show themselves and do not go unnoticed and that is why you will find large tattoos (the eagle, death and its scythe...) to be worn in the back, on the pectorals, the shoulder...and tattoos "full arm", that is, they cover your entire arm.

Bikers are like sailors : they are precursor bearers of patterns that have become classic symbols. Their original meaning was to belong to these groups but this is no longer the case today because they have been taken over, groups have appropriated them and everyone has the right to wear what they want.