Very big black and red skull temporary tattoo 21cm

Very big black and red skull temporary tattoo 21cm

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A huge and beautiful temporary tattoo representing a skull surrounded by red roses. Calaveras, in their different forms, are symbols of the Day of the Dead and of the Mexican culture. They are flowery and colorful skulls that we offer around us.

1 temporary tattoo skull and red roses 21 * 15cm.

Skull tattoo

Skulls and skulls are certainly among the most appreciated and used motifs for tattoos on the body of men as well as women.

They refer to the inevitable end of life, to our fear of death and it is a way to exorcise this anguish.

Very big tattoo to wear on the back or on the chest

The colors were not chosen at random: the tone of the skull is white and contrasts with the flaming red. and the roses have a slightly morbid side.

These flowers give volume and depth to the design.

Placed on your back, it will be of the most beautiful effect.

Halloween tattoo

A temporary tattoo that can be worn at any time but will be very trendy at Halloween time!

Size of the pattern: 21 x 15 cm on the skin.

How to apply and remove your temporary tattoo

Tattoo decal to apply with a wet cloth by a strong pressure on the skin. Remove with our wipes "Tattoo Gone".