Religious Cross Dios Mio temporary tattoo 7cm

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Here is the temporary tattoo of a religious cross : dios mio means "my god" in Spanish. The quality and realism of this false tattoo are exceptional. Christ's face is reflected in the cross for an even more mystical effect.

1 religious temporary tattoo 7,5 * 7cm.

Tips for tattoos

Apply with a wet cloth with strong pressure on the skin. Remove with body oil or Tattoo Gone wipe.

Tattoo Jesus and his cross

Dimension of the pattern: 7.5 x 7 cm on the skin.

It is a powerful symbol that is drawn on this tattoo and some people like to arbor their faith and love of Christ.

But you can perfectly wear it for reasons that are not religious, for aesthetic reasons for example or by redemption.

Religious tattoos

Religious tattoos are a curious paradox : we like to inbound signs belonging to Christianity or Islam, or even to Judaism, even though these monotheistic religions condemn voluntary bodily alterations and - by definition - the tattoo.

Religious tattoos are numerous and all origins and professions of faith : Buddhas, Christmas, Indian or South American divinities as well as their attributes like the cross, the lotus, the hand of Fatma ...

Cross tattoos

The religious tattoo can take many clothes, starting with one of the three great symbols of monotheistic religions: the Cross of Christ.

The face of Christ who is reflected in the cross makes him think of mercy and imploring.