Tattoo Guitar Music for Ever Tattoo 8 cm

Tattoo Guitar Music for Ever Tattoo 8 cm

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This decalco temporary tattoo is a very classic tattoo style: it is an electric guitar, rock symbol and music. The drawing is surrounded by splendid roses symbols of passion as well as braces that enlarge the instrument.

1 Temporary tattoo romantic guitar 8 * 8 cm.


Temporary tattoo

Tattoo DecalComanial to apply with a wet cloth with strong pressure on the skin. Remove with body oil or Tattoo gone wipe.

Tattoo music forever

Tattoo Decalco8 * 8 cm dimension

Exclusive tattoo

The motif is here that of an electric guitar laid in the middle of nature. It is surrounded by brambles and thorns but belong to a rosier since 2 magnificent pink flourish on the sides. And this musical instrument is also tattooed with the registration "Music Forever". The degraded colors of blacks and gray add to the romanticism of the drawing.

This could evoke a Peace and Love Folk period, a mixture of nature and music.

Guitar tattoos

We offer many styles of guitar tattoos: with flowers, with skulls, rather rock, rather romantic ...

Tattling a guitar is often a sign of an unconditional love of music to the point of wanting to print it in its flesh. But this instrument also symbolizes a woman's body.

Or put a guitar tattoo?

We find it most often along the descendant arm from the shoulder but we can wear it in the back as an instrument that is transported or on the heart for lovers of music.

Bikers tattoos

The bikers and rockers like to be tattooned a guitar symbol of music of course but also freedom, friends and road trip!