Christmas and New Year's Eve temporary tattoos

Wear snowflakes, snowmen and stars for Christmas and metallic and sexy tattoos to celebrate the New Year ! The holiday season is a good opportunity to wear temporary tattoos of... christmas of course !

For this period, we think first and foremost of all the shiny tattoos: gold, silver and metallic. You will find stars, small and large butterflies, arabesques and floral motifs. In the golden range, we also offer you little angels, crosses and beautiful lower back that you can also wear in your cleavage or as a bracelet. Not to mention the roses and feathers and even the Christmas ball ! Wear a seasonal silver tattoo like the flake or arrow or the beautiful bird or opt for colorful metallic, flowers or ethnic tattoo boards.

For Christmas day, you can stay in the tradition with a Santa Claus tattoo, gift, snowman or sleigh and his reindeer and possibly make other guests carry them as soon as they arrive.

For the New Year, you have several options :

Very sexy tattoos like in our pine up pouches or our red lips.

Jewelry tattoos: necklaces, bracelets, underboob and small diamonds to be placed all over her body.

Glowing tattoos to shine all night long!

Finally, the party with friends can be the occasion to dress up or in any case to put a tattoo a little special as the eye trick "very bad trip" or the false freckles of all colors. You can offer decalcos around you for Christmas : young and old appreciate temporary tattoos and you will be sure to please.