Maori very big temporary tattoo 48cm

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This very large tattoo is in the purest Maori style. Black symbols intertwine to form a complete, very aesthetic and above all very realistic pattern. The roundness of the top of the tattoo lends itself to the shape of your shoulder or your thigh.

1 full arm tattoo maori motives 48 * 17 cm.

Tribal tattoo

The artistic tribal tattoo crosses the times without going out of fashion and their patterns are among the most popular in the world.

The arm and the forearm remain the most privileged places for these large drawings and symbols which merge into each other to form a single decoration.

Inspired by primitive tribes such as the Maoris of New Zealand, the tribal tattoo consists of fairly intricate black lines joined together to create a visually pleasing effect. These designs are mostly abstract and are meant to enhance the muscles and lines of the body. Although this type of tattoo had social and ritual functions in the tribal culture, today it is more worn for aesthetics.

Maori Tattoo

Offering a wide variety of styles and shapes, one can play with the thickness of the lines and their curvatures without any concern. The addition of pointed and/or rounded elements is also possible and contributes to the dynamism of the whole.

Maori tattoos were done in several stages and ended up covering an entire arm or back... The temporary full arm tattoos allow you to wear these sculpted designs immediately and for a limited time.