Black flowers deer temprary tattoo 10cm

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Let this flowering deer come to life on your skin. It has flowering antlers that attract hummingbirds. This majestic and peaceful animal will bring you serenity and kindness and will look great when placed on your arm. Discover all our other animal tattoos !

1 deer temporary tattoo 10 * 7,6 cm.

Temporary tattoo deer

Dimension of the motive : 10 x 7.6 cm.

The deer is a rather fearful animal but it seems to have found its place on your shoulder! The details are very realistic. The peaceful and bucolic aspect is reinforced by the presence of flowers and birds.

The drawings of deer, elk and other large forest animals found in the caves date back to the time when Neanderthals were still on this earth. The native tribes of North America spent much time studying the behavior of these magnificent animals to understand the world around them. Soon, these graceful creatures gained an important status in the stories and legends of the native peoples.

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Deer tattoos

The deer represents adaptability, majesty and rebirth. It is a symbol often present in coats of arms because it evokes nobility and dignity.

Applying and removing your ephemeral tattoo

Tattoo decal to apply with a wet cloth by a strong pressure on the skin. Remove with body oil.

Animal tattoos

In the same way that sailor tattoos represent travel, adventure... animal tattoos represent human qualities. An animal tattoo is generally perceived by the person who wears it as a totem, both as a way to advocate his values and ideals but also as a way to protect himself. The animal totem comes from prehistoric times when the first men carried the spirit of the bear for example or the doe.