Witch tattoo on his tattoo broom

Witch tattoo on his tattoo broom

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You can arm this tattoo on your shoulder, along your leg or even in Lower Back. Halloween symbol par excellence, the witch on his broom will bring the final touch to your thematic evenings! Cut in Chinese shadow, it symbolizes a whole fairy world.

1 Witch temporary tattoo on its black broom 7 * 6 cm.


Temporary tattoo

Tattoo DecalComanial to apply with a wet cloth with strong pressure on the skin. Remove with body oil or Tattoo gone wipe.

Dimension of the pattern: 7 x 6 cm on the skin.

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Halloween tattoos

Complete your Halloween disguise with temporary tattoos. The time of a day or evening, become someone else and have fun transforming without any consequences! A little wipe and hop let's go, we can go back to work without his spider on the cheek!

Whether we love Halloween or not, we party or not, it's a funny moment and sharing with his loved ones than to put tattoos to claim candies ... or not. This is the time that makes you want to ask yourself the symbols on the skin: spiders, pumpkins, ghosts and other skulls!

Witch tattoo

The witch on his broom inevitably brings us back at this time of Halloween!Witness tattoos are very usual elements for many years in the world of tattoo.

Nowadays, the witch is considered a female symbol of power and independence.

It can be associated with the black cat, with the pumpkin, and complete his outfit with a spider canvas at the corner of the face.

This slope silhouette, made entirely with black ink and without any detail, which show only the outline of the silhouette, gives a very attractive visual result.