Tatouage éphémère pour Halloween

Witch on her broom temporary tattoo 7cm

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You can put this tattoo on your shoulder, along your leg or even in lower back. Symbol of Halloween par excellence, the witch on her broom will bring the final touch to your thematic parties! Cut out in shadow, she symbolizes a whole fairy world.

1 temporary tattoo witch on her broom in black 7 * 6 cm.

Temporary tattoo

Tattoo decal to apply with a wet cloth by a strong pressure on the skin. Remove with body oil or a wipe Tattoo Gone.

Size of the pattern: 7 x 6 cm on the skin.

Halloween tattoos

Complete your Halloween costume with temporary tattoos. For a day or an evening, become someone else and have fun transforming yourself without any consequences! A little wipe and off you go, you can go back to work without your spider on your cheek!

Whether you like Halloween or not, whether you celebrate it or not, it's a fun time to share with your friends and family by putting on tattoos to go trick-or-treating... or not. This is the period that makes you want to put all the symbols on your skin: spiders, pumpkins, ghosts and other skulls!

Witch tattoo

The witch on her broom inevitably brings us back to this period of Halloween! Witches tattoos are very common elements, for many years, in the world of tattooing.

Nowadays, the witch is considered a feminine symbol of power and independence.

She can be associated with the black cat, pumpkin, and complete her outfit with a spider web in the corner of the face.

This witch silhouette, made entirely with black ink and without any details, which only show the outline of the silhouette, gives a very attractive visual result.