Glow in the dark vampire temporary tattoo 5cm

Glow in the dark vampire temporary tattoo 5cm

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Placed on your neck, it is likely that you will scare more than one! This tattoo representing a mouth with vampire's teeth is the ideal element to complete a disguise especially at Halloween time or for a thematic party. And moreover it is phosphorescent!

1 glow in the dark tattoo 5 * 5 cm.

Glow in the dark temporary tattoos

Super original the Glow in the dark tattoo ! This tattoo can be seen day and night and will impress your friends.

Try it, it's really amazing: during the day, the black lines appear and represent a mouth with vampire teeth and a trickle of blood and at night the motif seems to light up giving it another dimension.

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Vampire tattoo

A vampire, according to the traditions and beliefs of many countries, usually Western, is a mythical being who feeds on the vital essence of other creatures, usually their blood, to remain active. In other cultures, Eastern or American, vampires are demonic deities that are part of the most sinister mythologies. In a general and universal way, at the moment, the most popular prototype of vampire is the one of Slavic descent, that is to say, a human being converted into an active corpse that hunts humans to drink their blood.

Here it is really one of the symbols of vampires that will shine on your skin: their mouth and teeth.

Applying and removing your temporary tattoo

Tattoo decal to be applied with a wet cloth by a strong pressure on the skin. Remove with body oil.

Size 5 x 4 cm.

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