Skin sugar glitter purple temporary tattoo pack

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Pack containing 20 tattoos skin sugar purple glitter decals. They are glittery and the patterns are varied: flowers, animals, fruits ... If you want to be the most beautiful tonight, fall for these fashion tattoos! A nice birthday gift, Christmas gift or a perfect box for the vacations or for a party!

1 large pouch 23 *16 cm.

Tattoo pouch to offer

This pouch is a nice gift to offer to a young girl. It contains 2 sheets of bright purple tattoos:

Here are the contents of the 2 boards: flowers, hearts and butterflies.

Fake tattoos

What a pleasure to be able to wear a tattoo whatever your age, your job and your convictions and to be able to remove it easily when you don't want it anymore! It allows all the fantasies!

Glitter tattoos

Girls love glitter tattoos and will love this pouch.

To apply your tattoo, start by cutting out the chosen design before removing the plastic film. Then place the design against your skin and soak the paper generously. Slide the paper over the skin after 30 seconds to make the design appear on the skin.

Skin sugar tattoos

Skin sugar tattoos are glittery decals with soft and sweet designs: animals, flowers, hearts and butterflies.