Baby unicorns temporary tattoo board 14cm

Baby unicorns temporary tattoo board 14cm

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Here is THE unicorn tattoo board that you must have! Lots of tattoos representing white unicorns with multicolored mane and tail. All surrounded by children's toys: swing, pram, little train ...

1 sheet of tattoo unicorns 14.5 * 9.5 cm.

Unicorns tattoo

The unicorn is the favorite imaginary animal of children. It is beautiful and graceful and its mane and its whatue of all colors makes it totally magical!

If you dream of a world of rainbows and glitter where unicorns gallop freely, then this board is for you!

It contains many tattoos of unicorns, rainbows, hearts and many good vibes designs!

Birthday tattoos

This board will be ideal for a birthday party, a fair or any other party with children. Or you can take it on vacation and share it with friends.