2 blue calaveras temporary tattoos 10cm

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Sheet of 2 tattoos calaveras El dia de los muertos. 2 colorful tattoos that represent the multicolored grinning and flowery skulls also called calaveras or sugar skulls.

Wear these temporary tattoos like in the Disney movie Coco!

1 sheet of 2 tattoos 10 * 7,5 cm.

Mexican tattoos

Find on this sheet the symbols of the movie Coco Disney: the flowered sugar skulls represent the feast of the dead, day during which one goes to the cemetery to lunch on the graves of their dead. Laughing at the things we fear is the best way to exorcise fear and live day by day.

Coco temporary tattoos from Disney

Find the atmosphere of the film, Mexico, el dia de los muertos ...

Miguel, a 12 year old Mexican boy living with his family in the Mexican countryside, solves a generational mystery related to his family by triggering a series of events that will lead to a family reunion, between the dead and the living. The action takes place on the traditional Day of the Dead.

Calaveras tattoos

Calaveras, in their different forms, are symbols of the Day of the Dead and of Mexican culture. They are flowery and colorful skulls that are offered around. The Mexicans even put their name on them to demystify death and its morbid side!

Size of the board: 10 * 7.5 cm.

How to apply and remove a decalco tattoo

Tattoos based on vegetable inks and non-toxic. To apply on the skin with a little water during 30 seconds while pressing firmly and to withdraw with oil for baby.