Timeless full arm temporary tattoo 48cm

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This is a very large tattoo that looks like it was drawn with charcoal. Like all full arm tattoos, there is enough room to represent several ideas, patterns, meanings. The main motif is a clock which is superimposed on another clock with a "timeless" message banner.

1 very large tattoo on the theme of time passing 48 * 17 cm.

Tattoo clock

The most precious thing we have is time. That's why the clock, which represents the passing of time, is a strong symbol in the world of tattoos. Of course the hologe represents time but not only. It can be infinite love, death, life.

On this pattern, the message "timeless" that is to say "timeless" or even "infinite" expresses our relationship to time and duration.

Tattoos message

The small sentences, quotes or texts chosen are pleasant to wear for people who wish to convey a message or a mood on their skin.

It is often the expression of something very personal.