Tatouages temporaires en grande quantité pour entreprises, clubs et associations

Temporary tattoos for professionals large quantities

Professionnal temporary tattoos

Tattoo sticker offers you a wide range of possibilities to custom your tattoos in large qauntities !

If you're looking for a custom personnalized temporary tattoo for your company or for a special event, you're at the right place ! Contact us at contact@tattoo-sticker.com.

Custom tattoos

Come and order your personal tattoo : you can chose a picture, a text or a special symbol and we will print it out for you so you can tattoo yourself a very personal message !

A tattoo for a special occasion

For a birthday, a bachelor's party or any special event, wear personal tattoos and make a good impression !

You can also tattoo yourself for the person you love or to try a tattoo before taking a final decision.

How to order a custom tattoo

Just contact us at contact@tattoo-sticker.com !

Apply your temporary tattoo

Press off clear plastic sheet. Press tattoo firmly onto clean, dry skin with design facing down. Wet tattoo thoroughly. Hold the wet tattoo in place for 30 seconds. Slowly slide the paper off your skin. To remove the tattoo, use baby oil or Tattoo Gone.

TATTOO-STICKER.COM and sale in B-to-B is a long story! For more than 10 years, Tattoo-Sticker.com has been working with companies and associations to make their events unique and memorable.

Small and large series tattoos

We make small and large series tattoos for your specific needs, from a few units to thousands or even tens of thousands of temporary tattoos.

Tattoos for sports clubs

The Tattoo Sticker team is proud to have participated in major sporting events such as

- Color Run and other foot races,

- Rio Olympic Games with the French Swimming Federation,

- the French Football Federation,

- the Toulouse Rugby Club,

- the Annecy Handball Club,- local sports club events,

- Triathlon, Mountain Bike and ski competitions…

Tattoos for corporate events

We also contributed through our temporary tattoos

>>> at the launch of major perfumes, jewellery and luxury brands such as Victor and Rolf, Thierry Mugler or Juliette has a gun,

>>> events in large companies like Hero in the food industry, Real in the pharmaceutical sector.Our tattoos were present at races like the Ch'ti Délire (but also at their parties) or the promotion of the Crazy Tiger energy drink, at lounges like Equip Hotel and even at a Pat Patrouille and Star Wars snack !

Associations such as «Signons avec Zélie», «Aux Cœur du Désert» and «France Nature Environnement» have trusted us.

Marketing and communications agencies, organizers or individuals have entrusted us with their funeral tattoos or their wedding, PACS, birthday, parties of any kind…

Think of custom temporary tattoos to make your events unforgettable : flashes codes for a day of immersion, phosphorescent tattoos to enter an evening or a night club, tattoos with the effigy of your brand to pose or offer in goodies, patterns and sizes adaptable for adults (arms, shoulder, ankle, torso, face) just as for children (arms, forearms, wrists). If you have a message with text to pass or via a symbol or drawing, thousands of customers have already made the move for a time always fun to share.

Large quantity themed tattoos

And for an event like Halloween, Christmas, New Year’s Eve or a Convention theme like Vintage with the pin-ups, you can pick from our catalogue tattoos that range from old school, tribal, floral, animal, terrifying (skull or pirates for example), national or sporting with the flags of many countries or even glamour to very sexy... Some are exclusive, others are licensed, often in pouches, such as Disney, Marvel, Harley Davidson, Barbie, Need for Speed, Dora, Pat Patrouille, Hello Kitty, Angry Birds, the Simpsons…

Estimation of temporary tattoos for the pros

Our sales team is at your disposal and will be of good advice to fine-tune your project and give you a quotation adapted to each need. We can create simple or more advanced graphics on your behalf thanks to our graphic designer or director/ artistic director speakers.

Our flexible production tool makes it possible to offer the possibility of limited or very large series with timetables calculated as accurately as possible but always realistic. Around the tattoo, we also offer individual or personalized packaging, packaging in displays, special folding. Finally, beyond the preparation of the decals and their packaging, we give the possibility to send the quantities according to different methods : shipment tracking, registered shipment, express delivery and this in France or abroad. This agility allows us to meet needs on events such as sporting events, cocktails, festivals or concerts, corporate conferences or weddings and other public or private holidays for individuals but also companies small or large, always successfully. Do not hesitate to contact us via our e-mail address: contact@tattoo-sticker.com or by phone at 0320500858.With the Tattoo-Sticker.com Decals Temporary Tattoos, MARK THE SPIRITS!