2 weeks egyptian temporary tattoo Gardenia blue 16cm

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This tattoo represents an Egyptian statue of a pharaoh. It could be the bust of Tutankhamen with all the attributes of the pharaoh: the hairpiece, the crown surrounding him or uraeus and the eye of horus.

It is a semi-permanent tattoo which appears only after a few hours after the installation in reaction with the skin.

1 big tattoo bust of pharaoh 16 * 11 cm.

Semi permanent tattoo blue gardenia

The blue pigment of "blue gardenia" reacts with the skin and appears after more than a few hours. It takes 24 hours for the color to be fully visible. It then remains about 15-20 days.

Egyptian pharaoh tattoo

The most famous pharaoh of ancient Egypt, Tutankhamun, represents power, hedonism and royalty. He is depicted with his attributes and commands admiration and respect.

The culture of ancient Egypt is still seen as a kind of lost paradise and all the symbols that come from this culture now disappeared fascinate us. It is therefore not surprising that these mysterious signs have passed into the world of tattoos.

We must not forget that the pharaohs who ruled the kingdom were not only royal members of society; they were thought to be gods on earth.