Love birds temporary tattoo 7cm

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Tattoo design showing 2 swallows carrying a "love" banner in theirbec. One of the most classic tattoos... Love birds symbolise honour, fidelity, luck and dignity.

1 ephemeral tattoo swallows 7 * 7 cm.

Swallow tattoo

The most common bird tattoo is the old-school swallow tattoo. This is an ancient motif associated with sailors and sea travel.

This bird, capable of flying long distances, was a harbinger of land for sailors, in other words, of returning home. Swallows are therefore also a symbol of good luck and good news. It is said that sailors would get a tattoo of a swallow once they had travelled 5,000 nautical miles and then a second one every 10,000 nautical miles. This is why people generally tattoo two swallows, often symmetrical, to symbolise the fact that they have overcome many hardships, echoing the symbolism of the sailor who faced the sea in the hope of returning safely to his wife, just as the swallow returns each year from its migration. In a way, the swallow represents fidelity and loyalty to one's family.

It's a symbol of love!

Tattoo decal to be applied to the skin with a damp cloth and strong pressure. Remove with body oil.