Harley Davidson temporary tattoo 7cm

Harley Davidson temporary tattoo 7cm

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Harley Davidson" temporary tattoo: the crest of the famous biker brand. For enthusiasts or aesthetes, wear their colours!

In 2003, the company celebrated its 100th anniversary with a rally in Milwaukee, the birthplace of the brand, which was probably the biggest in the world.

Board size: 7 * 7 cm.

Harley Davidson tattoo

A Harley-Davidson tattoo can be a great way to show your passion for this iconic motorbike brand.

Harley-Davidson is a legendary motorbike brand, renowned for its rich history, iconic bikes, and influence on motorcycling culture.

The brand has evolved over the decades, playing a crucial role in both World Wars by supplying motorbikes to the US Army.

Harley-Davidson organises and is associated with many motorcycling events and gatherings, including the famous Sturgis Motorcycle Rally.

HOGs (Harley Owners Group) are Harley-Davidson owners' clubs that organise community rides, events and activities.

Harley-Davidson tattoos are popular with enthusiasts, particularly the classic shield logo seen here.

Harley-Davidson isn't just a brand of motorbikes; it's a symbol of freedom, adventure and a unique lifestyle. Whether you're a seasoned rider or a new enthusiast, there's something special about every aspect of this legendary brand.