Tatouages temporaires LGBT

LGBT temporary tattoo board 12cm

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Tattoo board 12 * 7.5 cm with 6 very gay and colorful designs!

We find there the symbols and the colors of the gay pride, the rainbow flag and good vibes messages.

LGBT temporary tattoos

You'll love this colorful board covered with messages of love!

The colors of the gay pride come in rainbow, heart or flag with texts "Love wins", "I love LGBT", "Love is love", "Pride" ...

Wear one, wear them all or share with all your friends. Whether you are LGBT or not, support the cause of tolerance, openness and caring.

Tattoos are a way to express your history, your joys, sorrows and sufferings. People use tattoos to mark important ways in their lives and what is more personal and profound than one's skin? This is how these designs allow people to proudly claim their belonging to the LGBT community.

Some will choose a large and visible tattoo and others these cheerful but discreet designs that can be placed anywhere !