Planche de tatouages phosphorescents planètes

Glow in the dark space temporary tattoos 12cm

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This board is covered with small phosphorescent temporary tattoos. Apply these tattoos as usual with water: during the day the outlines of the designs will appear on your skin and at night the magic will work and they will glow in the dark.

1 sheet of many tattoos that glow in the dark.

Space theme tattoos

On this board it's the intergalactic trip! You will find planets, stars, comets and moons but also rockets, astronauts and spaceships. Something to make young and old space travelers dream.

Tattooing is a way to express one's personality but also one's desires and dreams... Some people get their history tattooed, others their future!

The universe is an environment that makes us dream since centuries. So take the plunge into another dimension!

Space tattoos reveal both the beauty of images but also a desire to explore the unknown, a dream of travel ...

Phosphorescent tattoos

You will love these tattoos that glow in the dark. During the day it is a classic tattoo but at night it lights up and becomes luminescent.

Children will particularly appreciate this magical aspect of tattoos: a sleepover, a birthday party in the evening, and there you go tattooing everyone!

The designs are small and minimalist, so they are perfect for children and those who want a small, discreet tattoo for an evening or a vacation.

We propose you many others (cat, bat, haunted mansion, alien), and even in pockets !